Beware of Political Puppets

Updated: May 13, 2019

Some political leaders are true leaders. Others are puppets. A political puppet is someone groomed by wealthy backers and organizations.

The wealthy backers/organizations will push this person on the public, using their money and influence to disseminate favorable propaganda. If/when this candidate becomes an elected official, he will say a lot of nice things—how he is against racism, wants to help the poor, and is pro-LGBTQ—but his real objective will be to do the bidding of the powerful organization that made his career..

So, when considering a political figure, we should always consider their background. Is there some powerful interest group promoting their campaign?

We need to take this approach when considering Mayor Jim Kenney. It is my belief that Jim Kenney is a puppet of larger forces of which you may not be aware.

Recently, a powerful Philadelphia Union Leader by the name of Johnny Dougherty was indicted with charges of embezzlement, bribery, and theft. Dougherty is under suspicion of having stolenaround $600,000 in union funds—i.e. money that was contributed by union members for the success of the union—for his own personal aggrandizement. He used the stolen funds for expensive meals, big-screen TVs, and fake construction jobs where no one shows up.

Included in the indictment was Councilman Bobby Henon. Bobby Henon is a Democrat.

Of course, we all know that unions are heavily involved in politics and in fact make up the backbone of the Democratic party. IBEW 98—the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers—is a union in Philadelphia with a lot of political clout. Johnny Dougherty is one of the leaders IBEW 98.

Bobby Henon was also affiliated with IBEW 98. A prosecutor announced that Henon “abdicated his duty to provide honest services to the city of Philadelphia because he made decisions on behalf of Johnny Dougherty, rather than the people that elected him to City Council.”

So, Henon was a puppet, at least according to the indictment (remember in America we believe someone is innocent until proven guilty). He paid lip-service to the people of Philadelphia, who are hurting in terms of economic opportunity, education, and public safety. Behind the scenes, according to prosecutors, Henon was working for Dougherty and IBEW 98.

They must have been laughing at the stupidity of the voters in Philadelphia who put them into office. They had no interest in helping the one and half million people who live here.

The story gets juicier though. Dougherty, the corrupt union leader, was a huge backer of—you guessed it—current Mayor Jim Kenney.

Doughery was heavy backer of Jim Kenney and the so-called soda tax, which is actually a tax on the sale of all sugary beverages in the city. Dougherty made contentious remarks about Councilman Darrell Clarke after Clarke put up a resistance to Kenney’s soda tax.

Clarke, after opposing the tax, tried to claim credit for the legislative victory once the tax had passed. But, Dougherty said that “Darrell did not want any form of soda tax, all the way up to this most recent vote. But he got caught someplace he’s not accustomed to being.”

So, here we have a man, union leader Johnny Dougherty, with a lot of clout and money, able to give a healthy boost to political candidates. Dougherty, incidentally, also has a brother on the PA Supreme Court. And now, we learn that this man has been indicted for being cavalier and egotistical with money that was entrusted to him.

And we know that Dougherty was a powerful force behind Kenney’s ascent to power and the passing of the highest soda tax in the country. Are you connecting the dots here, folks?

The soda tax is a disaster. It is a scam. It was foisted on us by unscrupulous people who care only about themselves and their own backers.

Why would entrust millions of dollars of public money into the hands of people like Jim Kenney, Bobby Henon, and Johnny Dougherty? Why would you let them increase the tax burden?

It has been said that another word for socialism is corruption. It is true. The more money and power government gets, the more corrupt it will become. The money these people take, in order to offer their “free” stuff—free education, free healthcare, etc.—is used not for the public good but for self-enrichment.

A study recently came out about the effects of the soda tax conducted by the Stanford School of Business. The results?

As common sense would suggest, there was a 42% (!!!!) drop in demand in the taxed areas. The business of stores as far as sugary drinks was almost cut in half!!!

The study also found that there was no corresponding increase in people buying water and/or natural juices. So, people did not start making healthy decisions because of the soda tax.

What they did was choose to shop elsewhere, outside of the city, to purchase their soda tax free.

This means lost jobs in Philadelphia, more people out of work, more people with nothing to do and no hope turning to drugs and crime.

The soda tax is not for “the kids,” but to funnel more money into City Hall that will end up in the pockets of crooked people.


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